Blogging to me is …


Cuckoo tagged me. And I do enjoy doing tags, esp. if they are different. This seems to be an easy one, cos i just have to answer the questions. Well, easier than writing random facts about me. Let’s see.


1. Name the person with link who tagged you.
2. Complete the questionnaire without changing the questions.
3. Tag 6 or more people.

Rule 1:

As I already said, its cuckoo. Thanks cuckoo. I’m sure im gonna enjoy this one. I’ll try to be true, at the expense of whatever.

Rule 2:

Q1. Are you happy/ satisfied with your blog, with its content and look?
Ans: Tough question really. I’m ofcourse happy with my blog, but when i compare it with some great blogs, i feel I could’ve done a better job in expressing myself. I sometimes feel I tend to cut a long story short. There’s always a scope for improvement as they say.

I just need a clean template for my blog and im pretty much satisfied with the look, though i feel like changing somethings if I could, like – I could’ve made the font bigger, I wish I’d be able to include some Javascript, I wish I’d be able to give a different background to my own comments on my blog like this blog, so that people could find my replies to their comments more easily.

Q2. Does your family know about your blog?
Ans: Nope, and I dont think they’ve seen one ever. Their ignorance is bliss to me.

Q3. Do you feel embarrassed to let your friends know about your blog or you just consider it as a private thing?
Ans: I wouldn’t feel embarrassed, if they knew about my blog. But I do feel embarrassed publicisizing my blog to them. The most I did is to include its link in my orkut profile and my website. My blog’s not private, but then that doesn’t mean I shout about it to the world.

Q4. Did blogs cause positive changes in your thoughts?
Ans: I’m sure they did influence my way of thinking. I’m now more interested in some stuff because they could become a potential post in my blog.

Q5. Do you only open the blogs of those who comment on your blog or you love to go and discover more by yourself?
Ans: I surely check the blogs of those who comment on my blog, but i dont check ONLY those. Rarely do i go exploring blogs via the search engines, I prefer navigating through the blogrolls of my favorite bloggers, I trust their choice.

Q6. What does visitors counter mean to you? Do you care about putting it in your blog?
Ans: Frankly, nothing. With search terms like “witty things to say to your boyfriend” bringing people to my blog, I’d least expect them to read it or re-visit my blog. I do have a visitor counter only because its available.

Q7. Did you try to imagine your fellow bloggers and give them real pictures?
Ans: Well, I always try to imagine people based on their names. And so do I picture all my fellow bloggers. Think I should write a post about this.

Q8. Do you think there is a real benefit for blogging?
Ans: The word ‘real benefit’ is abstract in this context. If it means ‘publicity’ to the fortune 500 companies, It means ‘revenue’ to the commercial blogs. But yes, I do think blogs serve their purpose very well.

Q9. Do you think that bloggers’ society is isolated from real world or interacts with events?
Ans: I dont think anything could be isolated at all. We are a bunch of guys living in the real world. Excuse me, but there’s nothing called ‘blogosphere’, its still the atmosphere that we live in, so how could we not interact with events, discuss them, disagree about them.

Q10. Does criticism annoy you or do you feel it’s a normal thing?
Ans: Well, to say the truth, it excites me – in a good way. If someone just comments – “vow great post”, I’d rather assume he/she hasn’t read the post at all. I’d be more interested in talking with someone who disagrees to my point. I love seeing things from the ‘other’ end.

Q11. Do you fear some political blogs and avoid them?
Ans: Fear? why? I’m just not interested. And yes, I do avoid them.

Q12. Did you get shocked by the arrest of some bloggers?
Ans:I didnt know about the arrests, but I was certainly shocked when some blogs were banned in India for a certain period of time.

Q13. Did you think about what will happen to your blog after you die?
Ans: I’m pretty sure I’ll stop blogging before I die. I will write a happy Thankyou- good bye note, back it up in a CD and gift it to my grandchildren.

Q14. What do you like to hear? What’s the song you might like to put a link to, in your blog?
Ans: Im totally crazy about music. I love the filmi stuff and the pop albums as well. Instrumentals do amuse me, but I get bored if I listen to them for long, I need a voice. Several, but if I had to choose one right now – I’d choose ‘Aware Bhanwre’ – Hema Sardesai, A.R.Rahman, Sapnay. I know the lip sync is really bad, but this has been one of my all-time favorites.

Rule 3:

Hmmm…….. six people? okay let me think. I’d love if all did everything. But just in case, im giving options

1. Adhyayan – Q3, I really wanted to know this.
2. Wavesnsands – Q2, Q4, and Q1. I hope its not too early to ask you Q4.
3. Rads – Q10, your comment moderation and ‘the rest of the good stuff’ made me ask this.
4. Amrita – Q3, I feel your blog is so underrated. It deserves much more.
5. Priyank – Q13, because you’ve got everything on ur own 🙂
6. The sixth commentator – If he/she’s already tagged, or its me – It will be the next. All the Questions, for sure.


15 Responses to “Blogging to me is …”

  1. 1 wavesnsands

    LOL! to ‘witty things to say to you boyfriend’…. hehehe 😀 ..i actually checked it out.. 😛

    Will take it up soon as i get the time 🙂

  2. 2 wavesnsands

    hey i can’t put links in my posts. I tried the exact way they have shown it..for example i wanted to put a link of “my lovely goa” on “more pics”..couldn’t manage it…help please 😦

  3. o boy, this does sound like an interview – and a good one at that! Shall do it, and of course will explain my “rest of the good stuff” 🙂

    I like your answers, some of them are quite close to how I’d imagine mine would be too.

  4. Thanks Maverick for doing this tag. Some more will come your way. You are a good boy. 🙂
    Liked your answers very much.. better than mine. 😉

    I didn’t tag Priyank b’coz I knew he’d get tagged here. That’s called indirect tagging. 😛

    And you did manage to get a diff. background for your rules at least.

    Thanks once again.

  5. Maverick: ha?? what?? I have to do only Q13?? nahh, you give me a finger, I’ll grab your hand :p

    Cuckoo: Ah! I knew you were upto something 🙂

  6. @wavesnsands: thx for taking it up.will answer ur question on ur blog.

    @rads: i thought the same, when i saw this on cuckoo’s blog. thx for taking it up 🙂

    @Cuckoo: thx for tagging me, now dont say thx again, im not frm lucknow 😉 . hhhhmmmmm u were so sure I’d tag Priyank ? Impressive guess work cuckoo.

    @Priyank: nope, i gave u options to use just in case of time constraints. But as i said I’d love everyone to do everything. So there u got, u got everything.

    So Iam the sixth commentator, lets see who’s the next one 🙂

  7. It is always fun to know more about the fellow bloggers.

  8. 8 wavesnsands

    Hey where’s the help?? 😦

    Your tag is my next post for sure. Just had to write the one i just did…

  9. @expression: heee huuuu, u r the sixth commentator, so u get tagged 🙂

    @wavesnsands: sorry for the delay , just posted it. Will be waiting for ur next post 🙂

  10. 10 adhyayan

    oh.. that was an error, I hope having your name in the title makes up for it 😉

  11. Even though you mentioned that you do not appreciate much comments saying “nice post” and like, at the risk of my comment sounding cliche, I’ll say that this was a nice post 😀
    It is always good to know more about people you interact with, but not know much about, due to the limitations of the contact. And I liked your answers 😀
    But wherever did the “witty things to say to your boyfriend” come from? 🙂 [I did try searching on google, and it did throw up your page, but I couldnt find these words on that blog page]

  12. @Sigma: I said i dont excited by the comments tht just say ‘nice post’ and nothing else. So you were never one of those 🙂

    thx, Google has this weird algorithm i guess. I had “witty things to say” in the After a Hiatus post and “boyfriend” in Mistaken Identities post. So it joins those two and throw up my blog 🙂

    Either the Google algorithm must by going weird, or WordPress’s SEO is really good. But either ways i dont care as long as it throws up my blog 😉

  13. If only I had a penny for every time I came here… Amazing writing!

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