The Other Side


1. On the other day when my roomies were going to watch a movie and the car wouldn’t accomodate all of us. I said I’d drop, but then I wanted them to persuade me to come. They didn’t. And I sat sulking in the home.

2. If you cant convince them, confuse them. This works well in arguments, and I thought I do it well but i got a roomie who does this implicitly. We start off arguing about something and end up in a situation where neither of us know what were we talking about. He must be a real clever if he does this purposefully.

3. Sharing must be fun, but I really dont know how much. This is a side effect of not having any siblings I guess. But what the hell, I dont even miss it, infact I enjoy having my piece of cake for myself.

4. When partin ways with friends, I think I’m the one who gets senti the most. But somehow I’m the quickest one to move-on.

Ok now you guys have heard too much bad about me. But what the heck, I’m honest enough to admit them.


18 Responses to “The Other Side”

  1. everybody has all the so-called flaws you wrote about seriously. its a repercussion of fears brought about by rejection and abandonment due to the conditionally loving world we were brought into. i wonder how that started tho… this humanity is so much fraught with counter-productivity. why is that group of people stronger?

  2. 2 sandhyak

    Is this a tag?
    Point 2 is phunny. :–))

    Every person has a not so fancy ‘other side’, after all we are human beings.

  3. Well, I think each one of us has these other side whether we admit it or not.

    I think I too would have done no. 1 sometimes if not always.
    And no. 6 is so much common for all of us.

    Hmm… template change… looks even better. 😀

  4. Dude (or, maybe Girl),

    I dont want to criticize but Point 1 is girly. It is perfectly OK to have a million flaws but to act like a girl is just not right, even if you are a girl:).

    I am so in with you on 3. I tell my roomie(s). You want the Thiramisu I am eating, get one for yourself:D.

    On 4. Isnt it better to simply not get involved with friends. My attitude is

    A. “If not you, somebody else.”
    B. “Lets get this straight. I care a rat’s ass about you and I dont expect you to care more. We are sitting and talking cauze neither of us have anything better to do.”

  5. 5 wavesnsands

    hey..i think all of us can relate to these points..well I too don’t have siblings..and i too hate to share 😉 they are not flaws per say….remember shrek’s dialog about ogres being like onions?? i think we are all onions 🙂

  6. you remind me of a friend 😉
    Atleast you know what you are bad at!!

  7. @celestine: u clearly defined how it feels, all these complexes arise frm a bit of insecurity and a bit of low self esteem i guess. But i understand they’re normal. Its only tht u’ve to get motivated frm these insecurities.

    @Sandhyak: nope this is not, but if u fancy i, take it up and let me know 🙂

    @Cuckoo: You do it too, thx, i feel better now. 🙂

    @Ok: firstly this is Dude :). Point 1 is more childish than girly i feel and yes i still have some childhood in me. And i tried to feign tht attitude too, only tht it never works :). Lol………. to the girl point :), have to agree…….wait i see the feminists running at me 🙂

    @wavesnsands:hhhmmmm havent watched shrek, so cant understand how we r like onions :), but yeah these r not flaws, they r more like complexes may be.

    @Priyank: And say me do u hate him? say me u don’t 🙂

  8. I actually share all those sentiments with you… especially the whole “I want to be wanted” bit 😉 Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on dense people and there are waaaaaay too many of them on earth. But hey, at least you don’t have to share! I’ve always had to share all my life…!

  9. 9 deepfriedbheja

    I absolutely agree with your on points 1,5 and 6….I am like that too…Bout being senti, I get senti and stay senti for a long time;) Atleast you move on quick….I love to share but sometimes people around me make me want to clam up….being in a girl’s hostel makes u share whether u want to or not…What the heck! ppl have even taken my stuff without asking and I’m too chicken to stand up for myself…LOL!

  10. ryc: you got it exactly. its the clarity of those moments that are wondrous. because it is all-seeing, omnicient and free.

  11. @princess: so dense people is the word, i was searching for a word to call them other than insensitive. Yes, there are way too many of them :sigh: . So is sharing fun? Im sure sharing jokes and love is, but how abt more materialistic things?

    @deepfriedbheja: but senti almost seem to be the antonym of cool, dont understand why? can’t someonw be senti and yet cool? oo girls hostel… i knw all about hostels. Have stayed in them for about 6 yrs. And believe me people have also used my undergarments without asking me 🙂

    @celestine: yes they are, (im sure other readers must be wondering – which moments? well, we are discussing the post on celestine’s blog)

  12. “4. When partin ways with friends, I think I’m the one who gets senti the most. But somehow I’m the quickest one to move-on.”
    Because you don’t hold back and spent all your emotions when the time required. This way one feels lighter and hence it becomes easy to move on.

  13. @Alka: vow, thts a great way of looking at it. probably true.

  14. Well, I would say you have been very honest to admit and publish this. I can relate to many of these. I think that all of us want to be wanted, even if some people might not accept it conciously. Though everyone has a different capacity with regards to moving on.

  15. @sigma: yes i was, this was one of those ‘to publish or not to publish’ syndrome posts, but i went ahead and published

  16. That is still the question! Must say that The Bard was a great visionary!

  17. 17 rads

    This is weird! I missed thios post completely! :O

    ok, anyways, jumping right down to 6 – that’s sooo like bonded to your Y gene. ALL guys act that way 😉

  18. @rads: not really, i miss posts too :). really? i’m feeling more like a man now, esp. after Ok’s comment 🙂

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