National Anthem


So, how many of you stand up for the National Anthem? Frankly, I dont. I do respect my nation, and I stood up everytime it was played in the school or college. But if the circumstances are casual like home or a coffee shop or road, I don’t. Let me start the count.


18 Responses to “National Anthem”

  1. I do. I still do irrespective of what others might think of me, I still stand up for National Anthem even if it is played on TV. My father used to laugh at me.

    Now, don’t laugh or say you don’t believe me but I think I am slightly ‘zara hatke’ personality. šŸ˜›

    If you have not read this, please do. It’s about a little patriotic girl.

  2. 2 wavesnsands

    I do too

  3. I don’t stand up all the time. But I am not proud of it. šŸ˜¦ No excuses. No explanations.

  4. Ok man, lets disagree šŸ™‚

    I don’t understand why the National Anthem is treated as a sacred thing. Most of the people cannot sing it, and even if they can, they can’t tell the meaning. Plus standing up when a bit of the national anthem – a remix version of it – is being played, now how does that relate to my respect for the nation?

    If purity is to be respected, the anthem should be sung for 52 seconds, with the right intonations under the hoisted flag and on select days. Only then will I stand up with my feet together, having 30 degrees angle between my toes, fist closed and eyes looking at the flag. Never when someone is playing an edited version.

    I am really opposed to anyone judging my nationalistic pride by such weird yardsticks. (And clearly, I get worked up ..hehehe šŸ™‚ )

  5. Hey
    I dont think I would stand, if its played on TV or something.
    So what, its 3:3 for now ;–)

  6. @Cuckoo: The people from defense background are slightly more patriotic i believe. And so standing up for national anthem is considered to be ‘hatke’ ? šŸ™‚

    @wavesnsands: ok the count is : 2

    @Alka: So where shd i count you, i’ll count you on the other side : 1

    @Priyank: I never knew national anthem had so many prereqs. I know the 52 second thing, but i dont think i ever closed my fist while standing for the anthem. So the other side count : 2

    @SK: so u on the other side to, the count is 2:3. (If i count myself it becomes 2:4)

  7. 7 rads

    I stand. ..and I know in different settings, non-indians stand too.. šŸ˜‰

  8. @rads: in different settings i stand up for the american national anthem too, but the question was ‘always?’, neways im counting u in, so the count hits 3:3

  9. 9 citizen

    we are here because of others before us. I expect them to stand for me because I do my best. They did too so I say stand

  10. 10 pab

    yes i do stand up…cos i feel its my resposibility to…..the national anthem is an instance whr u can show that u respect ur country…if u feel embaresd o too proud to stand up in the theatre o ne oder place whr it plays… u shatter it for ur country.

  11. @citizen: didnt clearly understand what you wanted to say. But i think u want to pay tribute to all the great leaders by standing up for the national anthem. so the count 4:4 (i’ve started counting me too)

    @pab: well, this is a personal call i guess. But for myself I can show respect towards my country in ways better than standing up for the national anthem. Not tht i disrespect the anthem or anything, but by playing national anthem on the road, u cant expect the world to stand still for a moment. This is dishonouring the anthem itself. So 5:4.

  12. 12 deepfriedbheja

    i stand up when i feel respect for our country…not always…and certainly not for remix songs…and certainly not when i would feel embarrassed by it…that spoils the purpose totally, doesn’t it?

  13. @deepfriedbheja: yes it does, u r so like me. so the count’s back to 5:5

  14. i do stand up as often as i can….even if i’m the only one in the room

  15. I stand only if its a formal anthem time like a school function or independence day function types. I think playing national anthem in cinema halls and movies is completely crazy and maybe disrespectful to the anthem itself!

  16. @zee: May be i’ll stand up if im the only one in the room, but not when i’ve to face an embarassing situation. the count’s 6:5

    @Moonie: Yeah I do the same and i truly believe National Anthem should be played in the right spirit. The counts back to equal again 6:6. Welcome to my blog btw.

  17. 17 the time freezer

    Well, I wouldn’t stand if its played in a disrespectful way, of in a way that I think disrespects its integrity. For example, I would stand in any formal occasion, but not in the theatre (where the ending credits involve displaying the sponsors of the ones who funded the recording).

  18. We should stand up to show respect to our national anthem i dont do that but it is our duty to do respect of nation and our national flag ,anthem and our song coz today we are free coz of people who did not thought that by doing this they can lose their life they only saw that thhis is our country and we should protect it in any ways they also thought that other people will also show respect towards india our nation our national anthem,song and our national flag.

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