I survived …..


I survived …….

The GREs and the TOEFLs
The Applications and the Admissions
The Choices and the Cofusions
The Consultancies and the Frustrations
The Visa interviews and the Lies
The Shoppings and the Jetlags
The Aliens and the Atmosphere
The Sulks and the Studies
The Fee and the Funding
The Labs and the Labor
The Exams and the Results
The Work and the balance
The Arizona and its summers
and The Comprehensive Exam

I Graduated.


13 Responses to “I survived …..”

  1. Congratulations!! :–)) What next?

  2. Hearty Congratulations !!

  3. 3 jewwishes

    Congratulations, and good luck!


  5. 5 deepfriedbheja

    Congratulations Survivor 😀 Quite a neat way of expressing the good news..dramatic.poetic.smart.

  6. Congratulations!!

    *And this would be the right time to break into a dance sequence … pappu pass ho gaya …. la la …

  7. Awesome! Congratulations indeed 🙂

  8. 8 wavesnsands

    any way u can give us an online party?? 😛

  9. 9 hari

    Priyatham congratz…
    But for clearing this simple MSE compre , this is kind of too much hype…and too much extravaganza..
    Many more things to be acheived in life…
    Take care

  10. @all: thankyou all very much

    @SK: thx, tht’s the BIG question, will let u know when i get a defnite answer.

    @Priyank: Dikra? marathi?

    @sigma: we indeed broke into a dance sequence, only the song was different 🙂

    @wavesnsands: online party :)? im sure there are sites out there for tht.

    @hari: I know, I know. But in realizing the greater goals of our life, lets not miss these simple joys and celebrations.

  11. Dikra = Gujju. I speak Marathi though 😉

  12. Better late than never..
    Congratulations upon your graduation.
    Your tags clearly indicate what did you graduate in. All the best for future. 🙂

  1. 1 Post-Graduation Blues « What Happened Was …

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