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Last Updated : May 07, 2008 Like most of the young bloggers, I started off with Blogger(Blogspot). And then like a teenager, where you want to experiment, I loaded my sidebar with all the Javascript I could. The site became slow, neverthless I was happy. If there was some thing that amused me the most, […]

The right video at the right time. This is Steve Jobs speaking at Stanford commencement in 2005. Saying the speech is inspiring would be an understatement. Excuse me if you’ve already seen it. Some quotes I loved: So I decided to drop out and trust that it would all work out OK. It was pretty […]

Before the coffee: Oh my god, what am I gonna do? I graduated, I have no offer in hand, I may run out of money, I have credit card bills to pay. What if I dont get a job? What if I dont get a H-1B? After the coffee: Will end up somewhere, just keep looking. It may take […]

Is it the obsession with California? Is it those strings of guitar? Is it the idea of going back to where we started from? I don’t know. But this song has been haunting me from the past one week. So here it is. Track: California Artist: Phantom Planet Further, you can watch the video here […]