Right back where we started from


Is it the obsession with California?
Is it those strings of guitar?
Is it the idea of going back to where we started from?

I don’t know. But this song has been haunting me from the past one week. So here it is.

Track: California
Artist: Phantom Planet

Further, you can watch the video here (youtube has disabled embedding)


10 Responses to “Right back where we started from”

  1. Dude, I am currently obsessed with ‘Toss the feather’, by Corrs. Thats because on the weekend I was at an Irish folk dance thing. Its awesome:)

  2. I am enjoying the song. 🙂
    To me its strings of the guitar.

  3. 3 SK

    Coming to California kya? :–)
    I like this song.

  4. 4 prasanna

    well congrats.. you deserve it…
    pitaya is a vietnamese fruit…
    you havent written much lately???

  5. @Priyank: Irish folk dance ??? gotta wach it. Its by Irish girls right? 😉

    @Cuckoo: hhhmmm so u r one of those

    @SK: not now really. But yeah i’ve been to cal some N times and i absolutely love it.

    @prasanna: congrats? for what? yeah was bugged up with the exam, so didnt quite blog.

  6. 6 wavesnsands

    Isn’t this the OST for The O.C??
    I like another song of theirs..Lonely day..try listening to it

  7. Yea, but the one I did was for couples… the girl-boy ones I mean :p

  8. @wavesnsands: yes it is. I ‘ve heard tht too. they are awesome!

    @Priyank: ooo ok better than a all-boys troupe 😉

  9. Hey how did u add the audio??? I liked it a lot…

  10. @Nova: thx, you can find the instructions on adding an audio to a WP.com blog here. Be wise while choosing a host to upload ur music though as some of them dont support this.

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