Buckets of Friends


A few days back I had read a blogger friend writing about her Friday Friends – People you meet only on fridays, in their great make ups, in their finest dresses and probably in their best moods, And she was writing how difficult was it to really understand them.

If friends came in buckets, I probably would have two of them blue and yellow. Blue with the ones with whom I can get senti and yellow with whom I can’t. Yellow are the funny type, they come with fits of laughters that never end, but Blue are the one who really know me. Yellow’s are the party friends, with whom you can laugh, say them your funniest jokes, occasionally treat them nasty if you want to and get away with it. Blues are the ones with whom you go on long walks, share your so called secrets and feelings and these guys you really cant afford to hurt. Ofcourse the only time when the blues and the yellows merge is when everyone’s drunk 🙂 .And in college slang when becoming senti is used with a negative connotation more often than not, I think I’d prefer to keep it that way.


5 Responses to “Buckets of Friends”

  1. Nice concept. I think I would like to add another one though, green one maybe, with friends i would love to hate for the way they are, and the things they do, but i just cannot bring myself to hate them because of how close I have once been to them. Sometimes I wonder if these people are in the friends category even.

  2. 2 jagadish

    I like what wavesnsands has commented. I like your assigning of colors of buckets to people but can I ask the reason for the color. I personally like blue but would not associate with senti and yellow is yuck and cant think people would be fun who are in yellow bucket. Probably you can give us your take on colors you have chosen.

  3. @wavesnsands: I know exactly whom u r talking about. My purple bucket kind of overlaps with ur green one 🙂

    @jagadish: Blue normally I associate with blues, Thats even my fav color, but then in terms of mood its always shady and understated for me. Yellow is bright, so are the people whom i put in that bucket. You can ofcourse put people in the bucket of ur choice 🙂 .btw thx for stopping by.

  4. 4 adhyayan

    Hey excellent piece…
    I cannot believe that one can write so interestingly on a frustrating situation.
    It scares me to think about relations .. especially if I use the principles from the pursued mode into the pursuing mode… just the truths that it reveals..
    I like the way you say horrible… it sounds funny. .and that overrules your friend from being either of what you say..

    I think the word friend is overstretched.. we use it in so every instance, sometimes even when people dont belong to that bucket…

  5. @adhyayan: thx 🙂 .. relationships scare me too, esp. the complicated ones. And I agree friend has become a very generic word, phone friend, net friend, blogger friend. But seems like a simple word to use, aint it?

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