The hype called IPL


Take Indian cricket, mix it with Shane Warne, Anil Ambani and Shahrukh Khan, Throw in some cool publicity and bollywood glam, There you have the IPL*. You love it or you hate it, but you cannot ignore it. With all the hype and hoopla, with biggies like Anil Ambani and Shahrukh Khan bidding for Teams, IPL kick started with its celebrations, each BIG bollywood star endorsing a team.

This wasn’t the way we’ve seen cricket. Cricket was a Gentle”Man’s” game, where emotions rule over the game spirit, so much so that we literally idolize the cricketers when they win, and treat them with bangles when they loose. Fire crackers when we win and poison coach on defeat. So what’s wrong with that (except the poisoning part ofcourse)? Nothing, we are like that only. But are we so prejudiced that we can’t welcome a change?

Lakhs in every gully play cricket, Thousands take it seriously, Hundreds pursue it professionally and only Eleven people get to play the REAL game. All others loose hope and become average Engineers or Doctors and IF their parents allow, something else. So If IPL could give more players the opportunity to play their dream game, that too with contemporaries of International standard, then why not? Why not encourage more players to pursue their passion? Then there could be the other extreme, where no International player is allowed into the IPL teams, so as to let maximum Indian players play. But that becomes mediocre again, players are neither playing the game at its highest standard nor they would get the kind of exposure that they are getting now.

Another golden dot on the bright side of IPL is that it truly encourages the sport spirit and rather looks cricket like a sport than like a modern day battle between two countries. With players of same country playing against each other and rivals playing together, it could serve as the terminating point for all the personal grudges that players might have against each other.

There are dark sides however, while some think there is a lack of team spirit in the game to which I agree to an extent, others fear the extinction of one-day cricket. Isn’t test cricket extinct these days and frankly, how many of you guys miss it? I personally believe that team spirit will build up as time goes, ofcourse unless players keep juggling around the teams and I do not believe there’s any threat to the one-days.

The bottom line is IPL has lived up to its hype till date and does more good than bad. I see more chances of it catching up than dropping down.

*IPL: Indian Premier League


13 Responses to “The hype called IPL”

  1. IPL is full of money & drama, I am losing interests………

  2. 2 wavesnsands

    hey i like it! for once i dont have to feel too guilty supporting non-indian players..I also like it because it gives a lot of opportunity to young talent…i think there are regulations about a certain number of young players in each team. Most of all i like it because it wont ever lead to extreme emotion(like an india pakistan match) …finally….cricket can be just another game..not a war.

  3. 3 wavesnsands

    oye and you have a tag to complete!!

  4. @wavesnsands: “for once i dont have to feel too guilty supporting non-indian players” yeah thats another aspect of it :), IPL is changing cricket for good 🙂

    yeah i remember I have a tag to do, will do it very soon.

  5. 5 adhyayan

    We are like this only – was a theme for a cultural fest in college….

  6. 6 adhyayan

    and whats that ugly looking face doing????

  7. @ipllive: Those two shdn’t actually generate interest?

    @adhyayan: oo really? where in BITS? shd be fun. Well wordpress have a new feature where if u dont have a customized gravatar, it assigns u a avatar according to ur e-mail ID. ugly face? ha ha now u knw why I’m enjoying it so much 🙂 .

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  9. 9 adhyayan

    not fair!!! I am gonna get a ROCKALicious avatar from somewher!!

  10. @sumit: Thx for the comment, I sent u an email.

    @adhyayan: sure u should, lemme knw if u need help 😉

  11. 11 aditi


    ohh yes ipl has really lived up to the hype thought its gettin a bit boring nowadays but i still watch it 😛 , it will also thorw a lotta new players in the Indian side too.


  12. 12 jagadish

    IPL in concept, I like it…. the points you highlighted are also good… but what I dont like is the format……… 8 teams playing 14 games each… thats too much…. I know that it would be impossible for the organizing ppl to get all the players but its too much… In football (I dont see it that often)… the matches are not daily… its spread out.. and you look out for the next match… there is some tension, hype and interest…. Here I lost interest in the first week itself…. may be some format changes can make it more interesting…. Also, the money aspect cant be ignored completely….

    I would say enjoy as long as it lasts….


  13. @aditi: yep, thx for visiting.

    @jagadish: Yeah I agree, it would ‘ve been better if the matches were more spread out. I haven’t been following IPL too well, so im not sure what format changes r u talking abt. But yes, enjoy as long as it lasts.

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