Instruction Manual


I wish Life came with an Instruction Manual,
With safer things to do and things unusual.

Thought after Jet skiing, Lake Havasu, AZ


8 Responses to “Instruction Manual”

  1. 1 SK

    For most things there is! Not written but word of mouth, from parents, elders, we only never listen ;–)

  2. 2 adhyayan

    what happened was??

  3. Wouldn’t that be boring, wouldn’t life be so mundane
    If everything were known and fixed, wouldn’t it drive you insane

  4. @SK: I agree, there is a verbal one, I’m quite a rebel, I do things from things not to do list 🙂

    @adhyayn: nothing really, just a random thought

    @phoenix: It would drive me insane, but sometimes I wish it would be that way. btw Welcome to my blog.

  5. 5 margiemae

    My thoughts indeed :]
    I wrote that post that you commented on in my blog when I saw a friend of mine suffering, but she’s totally unaware of it.
    She’s not trying in school at all, and wonders why she doesn’t do well.
    I’m at a loss as what to do and what advice to give.

  6. @margiemae: I know what u r talking abt. I’ve been in situations like tht where u dont knw where to draw the line. A little too much might become an intrusion into one’s privacy and on the other hand, friends cant let friends suffer.

  7. I am sure even if it did, it would not matter, for (a) men never read manuals, and
    (b) they never know where they put them 😛

  8. @Lekhni: Thats true though 🙂

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