Like a good story that needs to be told, these are great clicks that need to be shared. I jumped up and down as soon as I saw these, but one other thing I did besides was to ask the creator and my friend permission to publish them on my blog. I’m leaving links to his Flickr gallery in case you want to check out all his work. I have also added his Flickr stream in my sidebar temporarily. Enjoy!

Innocence personified

Innocence personified



Life at the speed of light

Life, at the speed of light






12 Responses to “Clicks”

  1. Beautiful,
    THanks for bringing them to us….
    the clikcs are wonderful, soul stirring.

  2. 2 Cuckoo

    Wow !! Amazing pictures and the thoughts going with them. Liked them very much.

    Looking at his photos, he needs to see this link. We’ll be glad if he also chips in sometimes.

  3. 3 Vijju

    hey priyatam thanks for sharing my art with others 🙂

  4. @Manpreet: thanks Manpreet, I’ll take your compliments to the person responsible.

    @Cuckoo: Thanks Cuckoo, the creator is the one who commented after you, you can find a link to his blog here. I will also let him know.

    @vijju: My pleasure it is, please read Cuckoo’s comment.

  5. Nice pics!!Wow..

  6. Kudos to your friend for these awesome pics…i esp. liked the one with the pigeons 🙂

  7. @phoenix: thanks phx for dropping by.

    @GHB: sure will take your kudos to him, so whens a movie bound to be made on you? 🙂

  8. 8 Manasa

    Awesome pics! Your friend clicked them and you’re being complimented by everyone 😀

  9. Maverick, you have got great friends

    Me… lol 😀

  10. Im intentionally answering out of order here

    @Priyank: indeed i’ve got great friends

    @Manasa: I should ‘ve some advantage of having great friends 😉

  11. Great pics…

  12. Lovely pictures!

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