Halves and Halves


I flipped over that page in the book
And realized the book that was more than half unread is now more than half read

And wondered if Life could be divided
into Halves
and Halves

Can something as simple as a flip of a page
could take it into the other half ?

Thought on a summer sunday evening in Borders Book Store, Downtown Tempe, AZ


8 Responses to “Halves and Halves”

  1. And what would dividing give you? It will only take away a tiny weeny bit, this process, much smaller than a half for you to notice, but your life will never be one again.

  2. 2 adhyayan

    hey.. I suddenly went to a 15 Aug 06 post of yours… how many days of your life can you remember… I saw my comment to your post and reread it twice or more till I felt at ease that it as me who wrote it under my screen name..
    you can reopen that tag .. to list what memorable happened in the last 2 yrs…
    For me.. looks like I have changed enough that it takes me a while to believe what I wrote..

  3. 3 Rohit

    It’s amazing that how people’s thoughts take them to amazing fantacies… indeed these fantacies do meet reality at some point, in any of the halves….

  4. I came here wondering exactly what phoenix has said already!
    and that’s so true…

  5. Dividing life into halves isn’t that easy as flipping a page of a book.

  6. @phoenix: I liked your interpretation, but what I meant was slightly different, I have updated the post accordingly 🙂

    @adhyayan: Yeah i think I should revive that post and this time in the form of a tag, should be fun.

    @Rohit: Like someone said all the lives can be described in two or three stories. So yes, indeed the fantasies come true at some point. Welcome to my Blog.

    @Vartika: After Phoenix’ s comment I added the last para cos i understood how vague the initial sentences were and how differently they can be interpreted by different people. But hey, isnt that supposed to be fun 🙂

    @Manasa: Sometimes I feel like that and some other times exactly opposite, so do we all I guess.

  7. What matters is that what has been read can be used to understand what is yet to be read. Life would be so much the better if more of what has been read can be marked and be re-read.

  8. @Manpreet: But wouldnt that be boring though the idea seems exciting. It would mean doing those things again which we have already done.

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