F-1 Student Visa Process Explained


I’m  a great fan of PhD comics. The following is one of my recent favourites. If you can’t read the text, click on the Image to view it in the full screen mode and hover your mouse on the image to zoom in.

F-1 Student Visa Process Explained

F-1 Student Visa Process Explained


11 Responses to “F-1 Student Visa Process Explained”

  1. Really enjoyed reading it. It is so so true. The long line outside the consulate and a treatment befitting less-than-human-beings…. and yet there is a long line of the wanna-go’s. I should put it up on a wall in my college.

  2. hehehe… Most of them studying or settled abroad might always realise this-“why am I here?”

  3. HAHAHA ! This is awesome:) I have heard so many stories…!

  4. 4 prash

    The part I can associate myself is “feeling over-qualified back home” …if i get back to India to live there, I would be doing a job for which i will be over-qualified. That is for certain …

    But on the other hand, I don’t know why, I never wanted to go to USA…

  5. @Manpreet: Putting it in the college must be fun 🙂

    @Manasa: Identity crisis it is, the inevitable.

    @Priyank: its really funny, isnt it 🙂

    @Prash: over-qualified….hmmm u must be studious, thnk god I dont have tht problem 🙂

  6. 6 prash

    over-qualified …just gloating ! 😉

  7. Funny but so true. Of all the things I think the identity crisis is the main issue.

    BTW, why your posts are appearing at both the places (new & old blogs) ? At least in the reader ?

  8. thats’s why i did not go to firang country…LOL…..good one 🙂

  9. That was really awsm.
    One thing I liked was the “Over qualified stuff” 🙂


  11. @Cuckoo: Sorry for answering this late, actually the reason might be that I had redirected the site which i had bought temporarily to here, so the posts might be showing up in both the places, plz unsubscribe frm my old site.

    Identity crisis…oh yeah i can write pages abt it.

    @Rohit: thx for stopping by.

    @akshar: hmmmm over qualified…well in my field u r never qualified enough 🙂 😦

    @Manpreet: aap ke liye hi thi meri nayi post 🙂

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