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NewYork is like a mistress. You dont wanna live with her, but you can’t wait to see her. Thought in a subway NewYork City. Advertisements

This post serves a dual purpose. First, It does the post that Manpreet had tagged me with, a long time ago, and second it reviews the book, not in an exhaustive way though. Tag: Take up the book closest at hand, open page 123 and write the lines six, seven and eight. Normally I keep […]



If I were to be asked about the most important thing in my Life, no doubt I would say Freedom. Freedom which sometimes we take so much for granted that we realize its value only when we loose it. Happy Indian Independence!

Title Translation: Autobiography of a coffee mug I was mere clay, shapeless, colorless and formless when I was picked from my mother earth. Like every child going away to a boarding school, though the idea of being on my own scared me, it excited me as much. There were a thousand possibilities of what I […]