If I were to be asked about the most important thing in my Life, no doubt I would say Freedom. Freedom which sometimes we take so much for granted that we realize its value only when we loose it.

Happy Indian Independence!


9 Responses to “Freedom”

  1. Very true. We don’t realize the value of those things/people whom we have n realize their importance only after we lose them.

    Happy Independence Day to you 🙂

  2. zakaas bhidu, chal batli khol 😉

  3. couldn’t agree with you more …(on Freedom)…we should go and ask what is Freedom to those who don’t have it…

  4. your 23 years ….? so you are 23, i gather ! 😉

  5. Very true !! We fail to value our freedom what we have now.

    Keep posting.

  6. I agree. The quest for freedom is the the most powerful of human forces. It is what propels the human consciousness foreword.

  7. Very apt picture, and very befitting words.

    Mav, I dont know what is happening but your post didnt come up on the blogroll. It kept on resting as if you had not updated since the Coffee Mug Post.
    Hence the delay in my visit to this post.

  8. @All: Thx for ur appreciation, no one in the world would disagree to this I guess.

  9. I fully support your point of view. Freedom is the most important thing in our lives. But unfortunatly we don’t value something until we lose it forever.

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