NewYork is like a mistress.
You dont wanna live with her, but you can’t wait to see her.

Thought in a subway NewYork City.


13 Responses to “Newyork”

  1. Isi Ko kehtey hain zindagi…

  2. ah, New York.. 🙂

  3. For me, I could marry NYC…I really want to live there one day !

  4. hehehe… I guess you had deleted this post earlier and posted again?

  5. @Prash: I liked NYC much more than I did when I visited it for the first time. So may be next time I’ll be able to propose 🙂

    @Manasa: oh you watched it. I had it scheduled it for an auto-post and it seemed to goof up 🙂

  6. Like the new look…

    TIme for a new post janaab

  7. hmmm… hmmm… mistress 😉

  8. how have u been dude ?

  9. wow! cant stop smiling. i feel the same about Bangalore.
    maybe because i ve never been to NY

  10. A Really Interesting comment about New York Indeed!

  11. 12 ranmon

    No. No. Nooooooo.

    Take it from a New Yorker: New York is like a step-child you get via marriage. You don’t want to take care of it but you have no choice. You were better off being single.

    But that’s just one New Yorker’s opinion 🙂

  12. oh new york.

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