Aisle of Dreams


Browsing through the aisle of Dreams
I wonder what Dream to pick up to dream tonight

Those good dreams that give a world of unreal Happiness
and a second of real dissapointment


Those nightmares with a hell lot of unreal hell
and a second of real relief

Thought on a Fall evening, Tempe town lake


10 Responses to “Aisle of Dreams”

  1. Tough decision to make…
    A nice post though.

  2. … and a second of real relief 🙂
    you wrote this bro?

  3. that is a choice…and for obvious reasons I would avoid Nightmares ….

  4. Why not dream if it makes us happy for a while than the real life? 😀

    Good one, though.

  5. people have suddenly started posting short but impactful posts 🙂

    Pick up those ‘Good reams’ 🙂

  6. Can’t you pick both? 🙂

    BTW, do take a look here
    and spread the word!

  7. It does feel nice to wake up from a happy dream with happy thoughts…it definitely makes the day better:))

  8. Knock knock,
    anyone home?
    Time for a new post.

    Madame Postmistress.

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