Does Gmail think we’re stupid


Last year on the Fool’s Day, it said we could change our timestamps on the e-mail to make it look like it was sent in the past. This could be useful for B’Day greetings and forgotten e-mails and would be allowed only five times an year. Ok, I almost believed it, but this year it comes up with an auto-pilot which on enabling composes and replies email on your behalf, it can also chat on your behalf. It also gives some examples. I can’t believe Google guys thought they can get away with it.

Common Google, grow up. We’re not those kids who could be fooled by saying there’s a Lion standing behind. Ok you fooled us once, but how can you ever think you can use the same trick again and again. Try something better next year.

PS: Now We’d be really fooled, if this feature was indeed true 🙂


2 Responses to “Does Gmail think we’re stupid”

  1. Didnt hear anything of that sort.
    does it mean that I was not fooled?

  2. 2 Jagadish

    this year they had google chrome 3D.. also click on CADIE.. of which the gmail auto-pilot is a part of.. dude atleast you should thank google for coming up with something to laugh on april fools day.. yeah we are grown up.. but whats the problem in having a laugh.. they atleast make very elaborate attempt..

    Trivia: also gmail was launched on april 1st 5 years ago with a promise of 1 GB space.. everybody laughed thinking it was a joke.. but the joke was on the ppl who laughed…

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