So this is where I left


In my two line biography on Facebook, I wrote – ” Easily Obsessed, Easily bored”, and it struck how that one line totally explains about me. So here Iam, back to the blog I left – bored. And the best thing is, I can take it from where I left. Its october again, the sunray that tries to peep into my bedroom through the window is no more denied but welcomed for its warmth. The strange sounds which the winds make, the beautiful orange-purple clouds during sunset and the fog on the car window – all welcomed.

It’s been a year since I blogged, but the recession was for good. When ideas become stale and when everything seems too cliched and boring. Its time to stop abusing your interest. But its good to be back, like a blogger friend wrote – writing posts are like leaving trail of oneself, where one can trace back to a person who he were. And so am I here, starting the trail again not quite from where I left, but to remember that gap as a beautiful stop in the journey.


5 Responses to “So this is where I left”

  1. Good to see you back.

  2. Nice blog dude….Hope to see you more as obsessed with the blog than bored…:-)

  3. Hey I am Ok. I was reading some of my old posts and saw your comments 🙂

  4. And would you come back yet again? For us to follow your trail afresh?
    I know I have also not been blogging enough and I guess your blog post explains for me too. I had a lot to share and write but I refrained from doing that.

  5. Mridula: good to see u back too, did u win any other travel contests meanwhile. yayyy to u.

    Janit: thx :), breaks get back me in the obsession mode 🙂

    Ok: Hi Ok, good to see u here.

    Mampi: I know, I think this shd be called Blogger syndrome or something. Everyone I know is also either on a declared sabbatical or an unsaid mum. But I guess its ok, as long as u’re enjoying what u’re doing.

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