They say Destiny decides Life
But somethings make me wonder what decides Destiny

The country they’re born
The parents they are born to
or The conditions they are born in

What if they never got the slightest of opportunity to make their Life little better?
Oh yeah, Blame it on Destiny

Thought on travel to home from work on seeing a homeless girl begging at the traffic lights.

4 Responses to “Destiny”

  1. opportunity

  2. @Kartikey – opportunities won’t come to you..
    Well said preetham… 🙂

  3. @Kartikey: Welcome to my blog. Visited ur blog, its wonderful.

    @vijay: thx :), didn’t know u opened up ur own URL, cool, congrats. Where r ur other pics though?

  4. Hey,

    Nice thought ! Its like chicken came first or the egg. But destiny is what we choose, regardless of what we are and where were we born.


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