Top Five Bollywood Cliches they should ban


1. Hero getting stabbed or shot in the climax and hospitalized. We know he’ll survive.

2. Flashbacks in Black and White. We can discern between present and past. Plz dont insult our intelligence.

3. Triangular love stories. We know who the lead actors are and we know that they’ll get together in the end.

4. When something very unusual or unexpected happens, we know it was a dream. So don’t even bother.

5. If Hero has a Mother and a Sister, they exist only so that they can be captured in the climax to blackmail the Hero. Wonder why they leave the Dad and the Brother alone.

One Response to “Top Five Bollywood Cliches they should ban”

  1. 1 Sandeep

    I totally agree with you…If they do that, there will be scope for new movies.

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