Five Years


So its been five years since I came to USA and I must say what amazing five years these were. Started as a student with a part time job in the re-creation complex and ended up as an Engineer, but its not quite the beginning and the end that matters. Its all that mid way that does. Because no matter how you look at it – the most important thing is how have u grown as a person. My Dad asked me – have you changed in the last five years, I think he wanted to hear no. But I said yes, I have changed in the past five years – I  learnt to be humble and respect every person for who they are, I’ve learnt the value of money, I’ve learnt to spend money and not regret it, done jet skiing, bungee jumping and sky diving and learnt how Life which  we think of as eternal is just waiting for the next accident to happen, have traveled places only I had dreamt of – Vegas, New York, San Fransisco, Paris, Amsterdam and learnt no matter how people look or talk, they are the same. I’ve learnt to think – about Life, People and Destiny. I’ve learnt not to be objective and see the holistic picture, to read people and know who my friends are and who pretend to be. Gained some friends, lost some and some who were friends but are now just the people I know. On the whole, yes I have changed for better or worse, letting it be and moving on with who I am …… that was what happened in these Five years.


6 Responses to “Five Years”

  1. Lot of places you have been to, may you travel more.

  2. Good to see your post after ages!

    Living in a foreign country brings a lot of changes in all aspects.

    • Thanks Manasa, yeah good to see u after a while. Yeah living in a foreign country definitely broadens ur perspective.

  3. 5 The Visitor

    🙂 I’ve been pottering around on your blog for the past half hour or so, this one brought on a BIG smile. 🙂

  4. 6 The Visitor

    Here is something for you a random post by one of my favorite bloggers. If you are someone who like reading, introspection and delving into people’s minds, do go through her archives.

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