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Five Years


So its been five years since I came to USA and I must say what amazing five years these were. Started as a student with a part time job in the re-creation complex and ended up as an Engineer, but its not quite the beginning and the end that matters. Its all that mid way […]

Mindblowing, exhilarating, awesome – these were the adjectives we thought we would say after skydiving, but when an experience cannot be bound with words, its best to leave it unsaid, give it the form of a feeling which can only be felt not expressed. Skydiving was one such experience. The thought is not novel, not […]

While i catch up with my breath after skydiving and write my experiences, Enjoy this pic.

Originally, i had written this as a comment on Mridula’s blog, but then i realized (with Mridula’s help ofcourse) that it had the potential to become a post in itself n so here it goes. It was 7.30 in the morning when we rushed to the railway station almost threatening the driver of our Hyundai […]

NewYork Trip : A Special Post I had actually composed this as a part of my Bu’bye NewYork , but it had become so long that i thought why not publish this as a separate post as well. context : This was on Day – 4 when we were in Washington DC, We went to […]