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In my two line biography on Facebook, I wrote – ” Easily Obsessed, Easily bored”, and it struck how that one line totally explains about me. So here Iam, back to the blog I left – bored. And the best thing is, I can take it from where I left. Its october again, the sunray […]

Im tired of saying “I’m back” so found a not-so innovative way of saying the same thing differently. The transition phase is over and I’m back to my Igloo again. Life’s been pretty much predictable. Except, ofcourse the car I bought. 2007’s been another transitional year. This was the year I officially started working after […]

Last Updated : May 07, 2008 Like most of the young bloggers, I started off with Blogger(Blogspot). And then like a teenager, where you want to experiment, I loaded my sidebar with all the Javascript I could. The site became slow, neverthless I was happy. If there was some thing that amused me the most, […]

Cuckoo tagged me. And I do enjoy doing tags, esp. if they are different. This seems to be an easy one, cos i just have to answer the questions. Well, easier than writing random facts about me. Let’s see. Rules: 1. Name the person with link who tagged you. 2. Complete the questionnaire without changing the questions. […]