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Before the coffee: Oh my god, what am I gonna do? I graduated, I have no offer in hand, I may run out of money, I have credit card bills to pay. What if I dont get a job? What if I dont get a H-1B? After the coffee: Will end up somewhere, just keep looking. It may take […]

While that morning brought me a sky full of colors, hopes and another day of life. It brought someone shattered dreams, sorrow and six years of grief. When shadows of the past win over the rays of hope And history is dug while the future burried Let our souls burn in the fire of our mistakes But […]

Being Homeless


I wouldn’t know the meaning of being homeless except from those documenatries or parallel cinema. But I do know the feeling when there’s no where to go. Okay dont start commenting now, this being homeless is something else. Im homeless though i have the keys for three houses in my keychain. Okay, let me explain. […]

The Virginia Tech massacre affected me much more than I thought it would. Being in another similar school is one and the most prominant reason i guess. This massacre could’ve happened anywhere and the victims could’ve been anyone, just randomly anyone. Living ones life is a right that one least expects to be deprived of. […]

Candles …..


For peace to tomorrow’s artists, engineers and leaders who lost their lives for no reason. For illuminating lives of those people whom their dear ones left in dark. For hope to those hearts who r about to hear that their children abroad are never gonna return home. For burning those heinous thoughts from the minds […]

Mumbai Mayhem


May the dead rest in peace May the alive awake from sleep