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1. Hero getting stabbed or shot in the climax and hospitalized. We know he’ll survive. 2. Flashbacks in Black and White. We can discern between present and past. Plz dont insult our intelligence. 3. Triangular love stories. We know who the lead actors are and we know that they’ll get together in the end. 4. […]

I’m  a great fan of PhD comics. The following is one of my recent favourites. If you can’t read the text, click on the Image to view it in the full screen mode and hover your mouse on the image to zoom in.

I really never believed in lotteries, cos I was sure I wasn’t gonna win one. And there’s no fun in buying a lottery ticket and waiting for the results when you know you have only 0.01% probability of winning it. I’d rather play Blackjack or poker and loose money than do the same with a […]

Being Homeless


I wouldn’t know the meaning of being homeless except from those documenatries or parallel cinema. But I do know the feeling when there’s no where to go. Okay dont start commenting now, this being homeless is something else. Im homeless though i have the keys for three houses in my keychain. Okay, let me explain. […]

The Namesake


I finally watched the much critically acclaimed The Namesake. Identity crisis is something that keeps coming like an unwanted pop-up all the time. And if you live in a country of which you are not a citizen, it comes, stays and makes you feel strange when you dont have it with you. Im not gonna […]

If you have a yahoo account and your spam filter isn’t working properly, you probably got a mail in ur inbox about the wierd things that NRIs do. Here is the answer to all those mails, the wierdest things that NRIs face when they visit India. * People whom you’ve known for years and have […]

Here am i after a long hiatus. My India trip was fabulous. Fabulous with mixed feelings. I was missing home so much, but it was as if it was just another day after that i was returning home when it was actually more than a year. Nothing has changed really. They are the same people, […]

Steal a post


After two f**king hot days when our A/C went down and i had to sleep over in my friend’s appartment, im finally back to my appartment and blogging. When i was in my friend’s appartment a funny question came up, what would i steal given the chance to officially steal one thing from his appartment. […]

I was looking at my previous post feelings subliminal and was surprised to see myself laughing at it. I just wonder how can the same person think so differently in two different times, thoughts mutate so quickly. Some things which i thought to be right then seems so wrong now. Firstly America is not that […]

Ham scene


Finally exams done ! did nothing different- didnt have breakfast,neither bath, photocopied frend’s cheat sheet and was the final one to return the answer paper.The only thing different was tht thought screwed up the exam but got good mks (whoa!!! r they mine?). Anyways, said tht will continue with my Paradise on earth – part […]