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I’m back from my trip to India after two years, the trip was great. I spent my New years at Goa and it was amazing. This trip also gave me a chance to take off from work and think about something other than work and weekends. This trip also helped me get a perspective if […]



If I were to be asked about the most important thing in my Life, no doubt I would say Freedom. Freedom which sometimes we take so much for granted that we realize its value only when we loose it. Happy Indian Independence!

Take Indian cricket, mix it with Shane Warne, Anil Ambani and Shahrukh Khan, Throw in some cool publicity and bollywood glam, There you have the IPL*. You love it or you hate it, but you cannot ignore it. With all the hype and hoopla, with biggies like Anil Ambani and Shahrukh Khan bidding for Teams, […]

National Anthem


So, how many of you stand up for the National Anthem? Frankly, I dont. I do respect my nation, and I stood up everytime it was played in the school or college. But if the circumstances are casual like home or a coffee shop or road, I don’t. Let me start the count.

Jana gana mana or The star spangled banner or God save the queen We shall not forget the past, but embrace the future. Happy Indian Independence. So, what if independence days have turned to be mere holidays, they are fun. Now that you got the conclusion, let me build my argument. Independence day meant torture in the […]

Hi India !


First of all sorry guys for being absent for a long time. There were my exams followed by a phase where i just wanted to hibernate doing nothing and then came the shopping spree. While these thing were goin on i missed u guys so much. Thanks to buddies who inquired about my abscence, i […]