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I’m back from my trip to India after two years, the trip was great. I spent my New years at Goa and it was amazing. This trip also gave me a chance to take off from work and think about something other than work and weekends. This trip also helped me get a perspective if […]

Recuperations: 1. End of Student life, Start of Work. 2. Finally found something which really interests me. 3. Posessed a car and the first ever vehicle which I can call my own. 4. Diet control and lost abt 13 lbs. Regrets: This is the year where finally I can say I have no Regrets. I’ve […]

The Other Side


1. On the other day when my roomies were going to watch a movie and the car wouldn’t accomodate all of us. I said I’d drop, but then I wanted them to persuade me to come. They didn’t. And I sat sulking in the home. 2. If you cant convince them, confuse them. This works well […]

The Virginia Tech massacre affected me much more than I thought it would. Being in another similar school is one and the most prominant reason i guess. This massacre could’ve happened anywhere and the victims could’ve been anyone, just randomly anyone. Living ones life is a right that one least expects to be deprived of. […]

Dont be frightened to read the matter after seeing the title,it isnt poetry or anything.I just wanted to share the feelings which are deep burried in me.I dont know why but admist this hectic schedule of exams i felt that i needed some time for introspection.Life has changed a lot since i came to America.I […]