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Take Indian cricket, mix it with Shane Warne, Anil Ambani and Shahrukh Khan, Throw in some cool publicity and bollywood glam, There you have the IPL*. You love it or you hate it, but you cannot ignore it. With all the hype and hoopla, with biggies like Anil Ambani and Shahrukh Khan bidding for Teams, […]

I really never believed in lotteries, cos I was sure I wasn’t gonna win one. And there’s no fun in buying a lottery ticket and waiting for the results when you know you have only 0.01% probability of winning it. I’d rather play Blackjack or poker and loose money than do the same with a […]

These are some lines from the movie I like a lot in the recent times, Jab We Met. Kareena: “Main maanti hoon, har koi jo life me really chahta hain na, use wahi milta hai” Shahid: “kahan? music se bada passion nahi tha mere life mein” Kareena: “toh? ab life ho gayi hein tumhari?aise bol […]

“The rupee rose 0.2 per cent to 40.65 against the dollar as of the 5 pm close in Mumbai, according to data compiled by media.” – Re rises, biggest Q gain in 34 years, The Economic times, 2nd July 2007. This news hit us all. This meant we’ll have higher bills to pay when we swipe our […]

We all knew we could read, and we know we are different from robots. But when we need to prove it – that’s word verification. Word verification is not the only thing i don’t get right the first time, but possibly the simplest one. Thanks to the Carnegie Mellon University that invented it for the […]

The Namesake


I finally watched the much critically acclaimed The Namesake. Identity crisis is something that keeps coming like an unwanted pop-up all the time. And if you live in a country of which you are not a citizen, it comes, stays and makes you feel strange when you dont have it with you. Im not gonna […]

The person we are to other people are the words we speak to them And everyone can’t speak their words, do their acts and think their thoughts without worrying about the existant souls around us who just dont hear but form their opinions about us. There are situations when one wants his voice to get […]