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Five Years


So its been five years since I came to USA and I must say what amazing five years these were. Started as a student with a part time job in the re-creation complex and ended up as an Engineer, but its not quite the beginning and the end that matters. Its all that mid way […]

I really never believed in lotteries, cos I was sure I wasn’t gonna win one. And there’s no fun in buying a lottery ticket and waiting for the results when you know you have only 0.01% probability of winning it. I’d rather play Blackjack or poker and loose money than do the same with a […]

After the Blues


I knew the blues would go away and the sun would turn the sky crimson again. I’m just happy it happened soon. I got a Job offer. The company is good and the work too and most importantly something I love doing. Thanks for being with me in my low time and I cant forget […]

I survived ……. The GREs and the TOEFLs The Applications and the Admissions The Choices and the Cofusions The Consultancies and the Frustrations The Visa interviews and the Lies The Shoppings and the Jetlags The Aliens and the Atmosphere The Sulks and the Studies The Fee and the Funding The Labs and the Labor The […]

The last times


The last times of anything seems to give me tremors of Nostalgia, no matter how much I hated it while I was doing it. Today was one such day, It was my last day at the student job as web developer which I had taken up for the summer. When I persued it, I was keen I […]

The diet plan


Life is getting bore and we are gaining weight. So what did we do? We resolved to follow this diet plan. I know there are arguments against this, but it seems like a lot of fun, especially when you do it with friends. So gonna follow this from tomorrow. Will keep you updating daily and lets […]

a F’ day


“Yes” I said, to the question “Whipped cream, sir?” at the starbucks over my daily dose of caffeine. And as it went swirls over my Iced caramel mocha, I thought I’ve had my calories for the day. Until my superviser asked “Do u wanna go grab some food at the conference?”, How did i know […]

Being Homeless


I wouldn’t know the meaning of being homeless except from those documenatries or parallel cinema. But I do know the feeling when there’s no where to go. Okay dont start commenting now, this being homeless is something else. Im homeless though i have the keys for three houses in my keychain. Okay, let me explain. […]

I have probably grown older, should start shaving more frequently than once a week.Its better to say people when they unknowingly hurt you. A moment of awkwardness and then it feels much much better ever after. I began to love mustard sauce after hating it for ages, and strangely so much that im eating sandwiches […]

7’O clock in the morning, lawn with water droplets on the grass reflecting sun’s rays while keeping the slipper covered foot moist, hot coffee, morning news paper, soothing music coming from somewhere distant, king size breakfast and a hopeful day ahead.- This is my idea of a perfect morning. When a day starts perfect, everything […]