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1. Hero getting stabbed or shot in the climax and hospitalized. We know he’ll survive. 2. Flashbacks in Black and White. We can discern between present and past. Plz dont insult our intelligence. 3. Triangular love stories. We know who the lead actors are and we know that they’ll get together in the end. 4. […]

The Namesake


I finally watched the much critically acclaimed The Namesake. Identity crisis is something that keeps coming like an unwanted pop-up all the time. And if you live in a country of which you are not a citizen, it comes, stays and makes you feel strange when you dont have it with you. Im not gonna […]

Dhoom – 2


My first review on a movie. I watched the much anticipated Dhoom – 2 yesterday after getting tired of the excitement i go thru everyday whenever i watch its poster on my desktop. The movie starts with a breathtaking skydive cum theft venture of the supercool thief of the movie Hrithik Roshan. That immediately followed […]