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The last times


The last times of anything seems to give me tremors of Nostalgia, no matter how much I hated it while I was doing it. Today was one such day, It was my last day at the student job as web developer which I had taken up for the summer. When I persued it, I was keen I […]

Jana gana mana or The star spangled banner or God save the queen We shall not forget the past, but embrace the future. Happy Indian Independence. So, what if independence days have turned to be mere holidays, they are fun. Now that you got the conclusion, let me build my argument. Independence day meant torture in the […]

finals week


Its time to get nerdy and geeky again. The finals week is on with exams heading up faster than a ferrari. We had our last lab yesterday, and people were happy that they are done with the sem. Well, people include me too but then the semester wasn’t bad afterall. All those labs that seemed […]

Here am i after a long hiatus. My India trip was fabulous. Fabulous with mixed feelings. I was missing home so much, but it was as if it was just another day after that i was returning home when it was actually more than a year. Nothing has changed really. They are the same people, […]

Hi India !


First of all sorry guys for being absent for a long time. There were my exams followed by a phase where i just wanted to hibernate doing nothing and then came the shopping spree. While these thing were goin on i missed u guys so much. Thanks to buddies who inquired about my abscence, i […]

They come every year to everyone, yet so important.Few say, watz so important and special?, Some pray, Japnese mourn, Many throw parties and all get wishes. Birthdays are beautiful, no matter celebrated or not. As a kid birthdays were so important and special to me. It was a day i’d be waiting for a whole […]

I watched a movie where the protagonist is gonna die in a month and his Doc says “How many days of your life do you remember? 10 days, 20 days , 30 days? make these 30 days the days you will remember, life should be big not just lengthy.” Im not gonna die but let […]