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From the silence of sorrowful hours  The desolate mourners go, Lovingly laden with flowers     Alike for the friend and the foe;    Under the sod and the dew,    Waiting the judgement-day;   Under the roses, the Blue,   Under the lilies, the Gray. – Francis Miles Finch PS: Jus thought I shdn’t bug u guys more with […]

Inequalities Ivory tover, roofless homes $10 icecream in trash, $1 bread for the day Luxuries catered, needs left fortunate, unfortunate Red, Blue Inequalities, perfect balance Inarticulate enough to frame sentences Intense enough to let go Aftermath of reading these posts from L>T, shruthi and alka.

Being oneself


“The boy knew a lot of people in the city.That was what made traveling appeal to him – he always made new friends and he didn’t need to spend all of his time with them.When someone sees the same people everyday, as had happened with him at the seminary, they wind up becoming a part […]



i don wanna rush, i don wanna rush i have been rushing all these days without a thought without a fuss i wanna halt n muse over where do my route lead me to to the hard or to the mush get me away frm all the crowd just only me and I myself no […]