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Last year on the Fool’s Day, it said we could change our timestamps on the e-mail to make it look like it was sent in the past. This could be useful for B’Day greetings and forgotten e-mails and would be allowed only five times an year. Ok, I almost believed it, but this year it […]

The Other Side


1. On the other day when my roomies were going to watch a movie and the car wouldn’t accomodate all of us. I said I’d drop, but then I wanted them to persuade me to come. They didn’t. And I sat sulking in the home. 2. If you cant convince them, confuse them. This works well […]

a F’ day


“Yes” I said, to the question “Whipped cream, sir?” at the starbucks over my daily dose of caffeine. And as it went swirls over my Iced caramel mocha, I thought I’ve had my calories for the day. Until my superviser asked “Do u wanna go grab some food at the conference?”, How did i know […]

I just kept the last piece of cloth that was wrapped in the polythene into my closet. Yep – we are home back. After being Homeless,we kind of lost touch. So here u go – I joined this new student job of web developer which pretty much takes up my whole day (okay – 8 to […]

I have probably grown older, should start shaving more frequently than once a week.Its better to say people when they unknowingly hurt you. A moment of awkwardness and then it feels much much better ever after. I began to love mustard sauce after hating it for ages, and strangely so much that im eating sandwiches […]

Predictable is the word, some like it, some dont. I dont. When you know where exactly will you be at this time tomorrow, what exactly will you be doing, what exactly will you be not doing, some call it systematic, others planning. I call it boring. Wake up at twelve noon, work (if there is […]

A call interrupted me today 7.30 in the morning after i had slept at 4.30am with a strong decision not to wake up until noon.It was a buddy from my Intermediate days whom i had lost contact with since then and we were talking after a period of 5 yrs.And iam afraid its the same […]