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Video of way too cool kinetic sculptures by the dutch artist Theo Jansen. A guy commented, “If I went to beach and saw one of those, i think I’d shit myself” 🙂 read more | digg story Technorati Tags: kinetic sculptor, science, fantasy

Ross: I cant believe u dont believe in evolution Phoebe: No I dont Ross: See all these fossils are from ages ago and they all prove it. Phoebe: Wait, wait. why are you so not willing to agree to my point. Didn’t the brightest minds on earth thought earth was flat until some 500 years ago. […]

My fantasy started with Mr.India a film where the main lead of the movie has a kool electronic gadget which makes him invisible. Then came the Hollowman who satiate all his sexual desires while being invisible.And ofcourse there’s a Harrypotter with his invisible cloak and Susan Storm of the fantastic four among dozens of other […]

When the horizons met, moon broke up, earth divided, oceans merged and life ended, the sleeping Priyatham woke up and when he saw himself in the mirror, he was not himself anymore, he is a Maverick now, whose thoughts and actions cannot be bounded, whose breath know nothing but independence and who lives in a […]