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This post serves a dual purpose. First, It does the post that Manpreet had tagged me with, a long time ago, and second it reviews the book, not in an exhaustive way though. Tag: Take up the book closest at hand, open page 123 and write the lines six, seven and eight. Normally I keep […]

Cuckoo tagged me. And I do enjoy doing tags, esp. if they are different. This seems to be an easy one, cos i just have to answer the questions. Well, easier than writing random facts about me. Let’s see. Rules: 1. Name the person with link who tagged you. 2. Complete the questionnaire without changing the questions. […]

Priyank tagged me to write eight random facts about myself. I had done similar tags, but these things never end so here you go, another eight random facts about me. 1. I dont love doing things at a stretch. Well, I can do, if I have to. But that’s not my way. 2. I chicken out of the […]

Alka tagged me to write those five things that are hidden from people. There are dozens of things to say but well let me keep it to five. 1. I have this strange habit of talking with myself. To avoid weird looks, i generally talk with myself when noone’s around, but there are times people […]



Iam tagged by Sigma according to which Iam required to publish the 5thpara of the 123rd page in the book Iam reading currently. Well, Im reading Gregory David Roberts – Shantaram. Well my cousin introduced me to these memoirs of shantaram who was an australian criminal taking shelter in the slums of Mumbai, India hiding […]

Adhyayan has tagged me, actually quite some time ago. But these days besides being busy i was peeping into the past trying to find some instances i played an angel. I would ve probably come up with something better and sooner if it were for a devil but angels seemed really alien. But then here’s […]

I have been tagged and guess what? Its my first tag. I know its very easy to talk about others and hard about ourselves, but let me see how can i summarize myself in eight points. L>T says, we tend show people only what we want them to see, but that’s true in real life […]