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They say Destiny decides Life But somethings make me wonder what decides Destiny The country they’re born The parents they are born to or The conditions they are born in What if they never got the slightest of opportunity to make their Life little better? Oh yeah, Blame it on Destiny Thought on travel to […]

In my two line biography on Facebook, I wrote – ” Easily Obsessed, Easily bored”, and it struck how that one line totally explains about me. So here Iam, back to the blog I left – bored. And the best thing is, I can take it from where I left. Its october again, the sunray […]

Seven Thirty in the morning Cool breeze with scents of adjacent Jasmines Children playing with dogs Morning News paper Hot Bagel and Hazelnut coffee What else is Paradise? Thought on a October morning, Einstein Bros Bagels outdoor seating, Chandler, AZ

Aisle of Dreams


Browsing through the aisle of Dreams I wonder what Dream to pick up to dream tonight Those good dreams that give a world of unreal Happiness and a second of real dissapointment or Those nightmares with a hell lot of unreal hell and a second of real relief Thought on a Fall evening, Tempe town […]



NewYork is like a mistress. You dont wanna live with her, but you can’t wait to see her. Thought in a subway NewYork City.



Through the neon litted nights and the light rail roads You see the crowd, I see the Life Through the broken sentences and the cluttered cryptic clues You look for grammar, I look for poetry Through the multi-colored mixtures and the different Differences You see the Haphazardness, I see the Harmony Thought on a stroll […]

I flipped over that page in the book And realized the book that was more than half unread is now more than half read And wondered if Life could be divided into Halves and Halves Can something as simple as a flip of a page could take it into the other half ? Thought on […]