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NewYork is like a mistress. You dont wanna live with her, but you can’t wait to see her. Thought in a subway NewYork City. Advertisements

I never imagined it would be cooler, atleast in July and in Arizona, it would be the last thing I’d expect. But there was a place like it was created for the people who requested. It was Flagstaff. An elevation of 7000 feet and how the airs changed their nature, from the heat emitting molecules […]

I just kept the last piece of cloth that was wrapped in the polythene into my closet. Yep – we are home back. After being Homeless,we kind of lost touch. So here u go – I joined this new student job of web developer which pretty much takes up my whole day (okay – 8 to […]

Here am i after a long hiatus. My India trip was fabulous. Fabulous with mixed feelings. I was missing home so much, but it was as if it was just another day after that i was returning home when it was actually more than a year. Nothing has changed really. They are the same people, […]

Hi India !


First of all sorry guys for being absent for a long time. There were my exams followed by a phase where i just wanted to hibernate doing nothing and then came the shopping spree. While these thing were goin on i missed u guys so much. Thanks to buddies who inquired about my abscence, i […]

More Pics Trekking admist such paths, was so refreshing. Especially when you get tired of going to the same lab everyday with loads in backpack and the brain. Watch your step ! Having supper outdoors is so much fun and no im not talking about the roof top restaurants The most beautiful parking lot Its […]

Im just back from a trek at the oak creek canyon, sedona, AZ. My legs are aching as if they are the only part of the body that survived. So while i relax and get back with a post on it enjoy these pics. I think i should add yellow to the list of my […]