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1.A Goooooood Morning !

A post about how I’d like my mornings to be, and how they actually are.


A post about my or for that matter any child’s most important day.

3.Wanna become Invisible?

A post about the several theories and conspiracies of becoming invisible.

4.How many days of ur Life do u remember?

A Nostalgic post about the smallest things that mattered the most.

5.Being oneself

A paragraph on being oneself beautifully describe by Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist.

6.The Craziest Train Journey

How a delayed train journey turned into the craziest train journey with playing volleyball in a moving train.

7.Ethical Confusion over Ethnic Identity

Confusions of just another Indian living in US.

8.Hi India!

Things to do and Things not to do while visiting India from US.

9.Foodie nothings

A guide to cuisines from different countries.

10.Word verificaton? Not again!!!

If you ever wondered, why the hell do you have to prove that you aren’t a robot by filling in a stupid series of alphabets that makes no sense, you should read this.

11.Rupee grows stronger, but India?

A perspective on the irony of how growing value of Rupee, would inturn effect India.

12.Wordpress Vs. Blogger

A comprehensive comparison between two most popular free blogging platforms.

13.You can’t learn anything if you’re thirty

A post on the Age-Restriction issue for several entrance tests.

14.The Saga of H1B Lottery

How funny can immigration issues become for an alien in United States.

15.Sex and the Soaps

A post on how we used to sneak out to watch those sexy television soaps in our childhood.

16.Ek Coffee Mug ki Aatm Kahani

Autobiography of a coffee mug – Its journey from being clay to its sentiments of being a mug to its master, in its own voice.


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